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Theo Argiriadis

Theo Argiriadis Bsc Hons has been designing, building and repairing analogue audio for 40 years..he has a reputation for unique design with his analogue studio equipment units being commissioned internationally... his units are bespoke, hand wired and designed using purely analogue components, construction and operation are significantly different to 'off-the-shelf' effects units.

Theo also designs and builds valve hifi & boutique guitar amplifiers, which are handbuilt in the workshop, as well as offering repair & restoration of hifi and guitar amplifiers,

““Theo built me a valve distortion unit which I am extremely happy with. The audio and build quality of the unit is exceptional. He has included parameters and functions that are not found on ‘off the peg’ units”. Theo was very thorough and very helpful in explaining and demonstrating the functions of the unit to me, you can clearly see he is genuinely passionate about his work.””

— Bibio (warp records)

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