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Sarbjit Natt

Coming from a textiles background, my work has tended to contain strong influences from my south Asian culture, with emphasis placed on surface decoration, motifs, pattern formations, and colour. Making interesting jewellery designs has come as a new challenge for me as well as an opportunity to learn more about the 3D design processes and jewellery making techniques, which I am exploring and hope to expand further.

Since lockdown, I have spent a great deal of my time developing my drawing and mark making skills, working mainly in sketchbooks, and using a wide range of materials and techniques. Collecting local plants and leaves has provided an endless source of inspiration and fascination, enabling my interest in natural forms to flourish.

My design ideas are inspired by working directly from the sycamore seed which I find fascinating in many ways. Many Art Nouveau jewellery designers created stunning pieces inspired by the same source, such as Rene’ Lalique, Georges Fouquet and Lucien Gaillard. More recent artists include Malcolm Appleby.

I have created a range of objects and fashion brooches to adorn the body like armour that can also be linked together creating a patchwork of patten or be worn individually. Each piece contains elements that move in different directions creating sound and a changing landscape, representing memories of the past and a feeling of hope for the future.

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