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Ruma Nowaz

Ruma seeks to convey her own unique vision in her paintings through the vehicle of light and colour.


The River Thames has been a continuous source of inspiration in her work. She has produced several series of paintings based on the river and the surrounding London Landscape. Her earlier work were influenced by Journeys through a variety of landscapes including China, Italy and Spain.


She also produced a series of paintings based on Indian myths and legends from old Indian texts such as the Rg Veda and Upanishads. One painting, ‘The Flowers of Prajapati,’ was based on the Rg Veda and the story of Creation. These paintings have used an abstract and expressionist colour language.


Her current works, thanks to the lockdowns, are produced from the fleeting impressions and textures of the surrounding urban environment and green spaces. Her fine art paintings are in private collections, both in the UK and abroad.


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