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Radha Binod

Radha Binod Sharma was born in Kamalpur,Tripura 1964. In his work, Sharma represents the people, impediments and venues of marginal or urban life. He uses a distinctive palette which illuminates earthly objects and the protagonists with luminescent light. The red, green, yellow and blue are nuanced along a scale of emotive association stretching from the sombre to the lurid, from the rawness of a brick wall to the gaudy neon-lit figures reminiscent of Indian movie posters. Sharma’s colours are shot through with the psychedelic light of a fire flickering behind the surfaces of pigment. His figures and objects assume, in consequence, the aura of portent and riddle. His paintings focus on ‘life on the edge’, lives which are dominated by egoistic and unbridled desire which creates for the human participants the illusion of repose. In the shadows sit the power- merchants, the brokers of pleasure, who ultimately deliver to their recipients ‘a living death’.

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