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Nicole Price

Nicole Price’s current work Is focussed on our surroundings and the objects that we keep, collect, acquire and that accumulate around us. 

We carefully curate our home collections, and these become the stage backdrop to our everyday existence. She paint these still-lives whilst feeling the melancholic presence of past lives saturate the images.

These possessions act as familial archives for countless shared experiences, carrying invisible markings from the lives and rituals of our predecessors. Their presence depends on sentimentality. They fight for space in the home, a jostling claustrophobic clutter.

Nicole studied at Leeds University, Heatherleys and Wimbledon College of Arts (UAL) for her MFA and more recently at the Turps Banana Studio Painting Programme. Her work has been exhibited regularly in group exhibitions including the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Lynn Painter–Stainers, the ING Discerning Eye, the SWA and the RWA. She was a finalist in the 2019 Ingram Prize.

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