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Jake Eiseman-Renyard

"Jake Eiseman-Renyard has loved the arts for as far back as he can remember, graduating from the University of East London in 2009 with a First Class Honours BA in Combined Illustration and Printmaking, the University Dean's Awards for Digital Arts and Visual Communications and work selected for the Newblood exhibition at Olympia that year.  His distinctively-styled cartoon illustrations have been used in children's books such as "The Happy Bubble" and for band "Fresh Pelican"'s posters. 

 Eiseman-Renyard likes to combine different forms of the arts such as writing, role-play, illustration, animation, theatre and puppetry; "they all come from the same source: a form of story-telling," he has explained.  "If you can do one, you can do the others, too; you just might not know it yet."  It is for this reason he is careful not to pigeon-hole his creativity to just one medium or style, apparent in the studio collection with works as diverse as shadow-stencils, landscape models, a pinball machine design, decorated mirror and picture frames and a replica vending-machine used on a fairground stall.

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