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  • Theo Argiriadis

    < Back Mail Mail Website Theo Argiriadis Theo Argiriadis Bsc Hons has been designing, building and repairing analogue audio for 40 years..he has a reputation for unique design with his analogue studio equipment units being commissioned internationally... his units are bespoke, hand wired and designed using purely analogue components, construction and operation are significantly different to 'off-the-shelf' effects units. Theo also designs and builds valve hifi & boutique guitar amplifiers, which are handbuilt in the workshop, as well as offering repair & restoration of hifi and guitar amplifiers, ““Theo built me a valve distortion unit which I am extremely happy with. The audio and build quality of the unit is exceptional. He has included parameters and functions that are not found on ‘off the peg’ units”. Theo was very thorough and very helpful in explaining and demonstrating the functions of the unit to me, you can clearly see he is genuinely passionate about his work.”” — Bibio (warp records)

  • Echo Ray Studio

    < Back Mail Mail Website Echo Ray Studio The Echo Ray Studio is operated by Tuck Nelson and Fergal McBride who are both musicians. They have a variety of new and vintage analog gear, digital and analog recorders and lots of usual and unusual instruments to offer. They specialise in recording bands, singers, songwriters and mixing.

  • Team

    Ceramics Read More Karen Dobie Im inspired by mutual creative support of other Artists and Potters. Discussing ideas, exchanging skills in a co operative studio gives me the space I need to get my artwork out there. MORE Art Read More Jose Zalabardo I paint everyday people, places and things. I want to display their beauty for those who might not have noticed it without my help MORE Art Read More Fiona Carson My current work mainly reflects a strong nostalgia and fascination with my Scottish roots. There are perhaps two radically different ideas about landscape - small scale and suburban versus wild and monumental. MORE Furniture and Woodwork Read More Wood Green Picture Framing Wood Green Picture Framing is a bespoke fine art and commercial framing service for the home, offices, shops, restaurants, galleries and artists. MORE Theatre, Set Design Read More Hardy Gru "Hardy Gru is London based theatre designer, theatre maker and visual artist with experience also and directing, puppetry, object theatre and sound. MORE Jewellery, Art Read More Sarbjit Natt Coming from a textiles background, my work has tended to contain strong influences from my south Asian culture, with emphasis placed on surface decoration, motifs, pattern formations, and colour. MORE Furniture and Woodwork Read More Beth Swade Studio Swade is an upholstery service set up by Beth Swade, a designer with many years experience in the footwear industry MORE Art Read More Clare Stirling Having spent many years in the fashion business, my main interest is in the human form, portrait sculpture, clothed, and nude figure studies. MORE Fashion and Accessories Read More Bellapacella - Jeanne Pacella Bellapacella is the innovation of Jeanne Pacella, established in 2005. Our inspiration is vintage, recycling, up cycling, repairing the beauty of the past! MORE Art Read More Richard Peacock Richard Peacock is an artist working with screen print and woodcut. His imagery combines elements of geometrical abstraction, op and pop art. MORE Art Read More Lydie Gallais Growing up in France and being surrounded by Impressionists works has influenced me as an artist. I love mixing colours and textures together so that the image comes alive. MORE Photography Read More Studio WoodGreen Studio Wood Green is a 1200sq ft of Photography Blackout studio space MORE Photography Read More ACR Photography ACR Photography Specialises in: Studio Photography, Official Event Photographers ,Balls-Graduations-Birthdays, Funerals & Social Events MORE Art Read More Umer Murtaza Umer Murtaza is a British born Pakistani and a Londoner. By day I dish out drugs (legally of course) and at night I paint and write. MORE Art Read More Tim Benson Painted portraits speak to people in a way that the written word and photography cannot. MORE Art Read More The Essential School of Painting ESOP offers practically and intellectually rigorous courses with the intention of advancing painting and fine art practice in the 21st century. MORE Art Read More Selwyn Midgen I am primarily a Landscape Painter working in oils. I am interested in the shapes created through the displacement of objects in space. MORE Art Read More Sarah Barker Brown Sarah Barker Brown is a figurative painter whose focus is on the female body seeking insight into the inner truths about the lives of women. Intimacy, sexuality, pleasure and female friendship MORE Art Read More Radha Binod Radha Binod Sharma was born in Kamalpur,Tripura 1964. In his work, Sharma represents the people, impediments and venues of marginal or urban life. MORE Art Read More Rabiya Nagi My work explores transience of culture and identity through the influence of time and place. MORE

  • Heide Block

    < Back Mail Mail Website Heide Block I studied and spent most of my working life as a physiotherapist but I always loved doing art My weekly classes" coloured " my life, facilitating creativity in all realms . Recent years have seen me live a two location lifestyle in Johannesburg ,South Africa and London. Growing up in Africa influenced my appreciation of colour and light so I tend to use saturated colours I love to paint figures that I see out and about and mostly paint from my own photographs. My concurrent fascination is drawing and painting from a doodle that I have done since I was a child- it's a reticulated pattern that has its unique rhythm and expression a sort of emotional language - sometimes it remains as a pattern and other times figures and representation emerges. I have attended summer school at the Slade School of Fine Arts; several workshops at the Royal Drawing school and the Hampstead School of Art . In South Africa my teachers have included Mike Wall, Ricky Burnett, Hermann Niebuhr, Greg Kerr and Tracey Wittelson. My painting Shadow Crossing ( pictured) has been short listed for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022 and at the time if writing is about to be submitted for the final round of selection.

  • Radha Binod

    < Back Mail Mail Website Radha Binod Radha Binod Sharma was born in Kamalpur,Tripura 1964. In his work, Sharma represents the people, impediments and venues of marginal or urban life. He uses a distinctive palette which illuminates earthly objects and the protagonists with luminescent light. The red, green, yellow and blue are nuanced along a scale of emotive association stretching from the sombre to the lurid, from the rawness of a brick wall to the gaudy neon-lit figures reminiscent of Indian movie posters. Sharma’s colours are shot through with the psychedelic light of a fire flickering behind the surfaces of pigment. His figures and objects assume, in consequence, the aura of portent and riddle. His paintings focus on ‘life on the edge’, lives which are dominated by egoistic and unbridled desire which creates for the human participants the illusion of repose. In the shadows sit the power- merchants, the brokers of pleasure, who ultimately deliver to their recipients ‘a living death’.

  • ACR Photography

    < Back Mail Mail Website ACR Photography ACR Photography Specialises in: Studio Photography Official Event Photographers Balls-Graduations-Birthdays Funerals & Social Events

  • Penny Elder

    < Back Mail Mail Website Penny Elder I am a retired psychoanalytical psychotherapist who has lived in Muswell Hill for 50 years. I am married to a retired GP and have four children and eight granddaughters, and enjoy singing, yoga and opera as well as walking in the Scottish countryside. I have painted all my life and have had a studio in Wood Green for nearly 20 years. I paint largish oils, often inspired by the Scottish landscape, and also screenprint and monoprint abstract images. I have had 9 solo exhibitions in London and exhibit regularly with East Finchley Open Artists.

  • Daily Life

    < Back Mail Mail Website Daily Life Bobby Baker (b. 1950, Kent) lives and works in London. She graduated from Painting at St. Martins School of Art (1972) and holds an Honorary Doctorate from Queen Mary University London. Baker’s acclaimed intersectional feminist practice includes performance, drawing, and installation, and persistently exposes the undervalued and stigmatised aspects of women’s daily lives, this is exemplified by pioneering works such as Drawing on a Mother’s Experience (1988), Kitchen Show (1991), Bobby Baker’s Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me 1997–2008 and more recently Great & Tiny War (2018). Since 1995 she has led the organisation Daily Life Ltd. to make art that explores and celebrates everyday life and human behaviour and collaborate with like-minded artists and organisations across the arts, health, and disability sectors.

  • Elizabeth Richardson

    < Back Mail Mail Website Elizabeth Richardson I work with most mediums but recently I have been using oil, pastels and mixed media. People and Portraits are a favourite of mine to paint and draw but I enjoy abstract expressionism too.

  • Anna Boggon

    < Back Mail Mail Website Anna Boggon Anna Boggon, is a multimedia artist, her practice includes painting, sculpture, mixed media and site-specific installation. She studied BA painting at Grays School of Art in Aberdeen and MA painting at the Royal College of Art, London. Boggon’s work is investigative in its approach, often playful and at times humorous. It questions the way we see and interpret things by creating alternative and shifting perspectives. Her work is an inquiry into the territory of the real and the imaginary. It often references the past and nostalgia, but in so doing invites us to look more closely and find a poignancy that has a direct relevance to the present. References are made to current situations in contemporary environments and to our commonly used escape routes: fiction, film, dreams, video games, social media, music and recreation.

  • Graphik Vision

    < Back Mail Mail Website Graphik Vision Giuliano is a video director, video editor, camera operator and photographer of Italian and Gabonese origins, who is now based in London. He specialises in music, event, wedding, corporate, promotional videos, as well as portrait, live concerts and documentary photography. He has been working professionally in video production and photography for over a decade, trading as Graphik Vision and has worked with clients from Haringey council, London Africa fashion week, Happy days Festival, Alice black Gallery, CGX training, IABSE (international association for bridge and structural engineering), the London law practice, Incognito, Richard Bona, Mario Biondi, just to name a few. His mission is to give voice to any visual communication needs through videos and images with emotional and engaging content, tailored for the client and aimed at publishing via web and digital platforms, as well as broadcast.

  • Select Recording Studios

    < Back Mail Mail Website Select Recording Studios Select Recording Studio is a modern, extensively equipped studio based in north London, providing an unbeatable, all round recording experience by a professional, passionate, production team with over Twenty years experience performing, song writing, mixing and recording in the music industry. The team endeavour to create sounds that are fresh and current by using up-to-date production techniques. We offer professional, top quality, song and music production. If you are a solo artist we can also help you by providing musicians at no extra charge. Whether your style is hip-hop, RnB, pop, dance, rock, dubstep, electro, indie, metal, country, jazz or musical theatre, we have the knowledge and enthusiasm to ensure that you are totally satisfied with your Select Studio experience. We look forward to working with you soon!