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Parie Leung Watterson

Parie Leung Watterson is a self-taught artist based in London. Her paintings and drawings are musings gathered from observation, memory, literature, cinema, news media, collected objects, found and personal photographs and sketches from life and imagination. She is interested in the hidden, unspoken, and unexpressed – inner life, quiet moments; the tensions within the self, and without, between couples and in groups. Her works also explore the relationship between people and animals - how the former relate to and connect with the latter, and the emotional bonds that arise.

Parie works primarily in acrylic, oil, ink and watercolour, from small to medium panels and paper, to larger canvases. Her compositions range from surreal depictions and portraits, to an experimental approach that combines the figurative and the abstract.

Her works are in private collections in the UK, Hong Kong, and Canada.

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