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Meera Palia

I am a self-taught abstract expressionist artist. My paintings are unplanned, evolving out of the colours, textures, marks and moods that emerge throughout the process and whatever emotions or thoughts I am carrying with me at the time. Working mainly in acrylics but with a mixed media approach, I am aiming for the painting equivalent of a jazz jam or a flamenco improvisation, prioritising spontaneity, authenticity and freedom in mark-making over achieving a polished composition/choreographed act.  

Inspired by the rhythmic, gestural, physical act of painting -when it feels like my hand is freestyle dancing- I often paint to music, bringing its energy into my work. Painting feels like an enquiry, a dialogue with the unknown, and I see each piece as a unique event. Recognisable ‘forms’ such as figures or landscapes may or may not emerge and it is this sense of the unexpected that I find so compelling.  

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