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Kibi Schultz

The creative practice of Kibi Schultz expresses itself through her self-exploration and community engagement.  As a science-based artist, Schultz’s seductive use of materials and techniques transposes the ordinary into the remarkable enticing the viewer to re-examine their pre-conceived notions and existing relationships with craft, content and process.  As a Medici Fellow and Central St. Martins Alumnae, Kibi is an award winning, internationally acclaimed artist who has exhibited at various institutions including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the National Museum of Afro American Artists.  Her current multi-media practice, based in North London, UK, incorporates a myriad of both traditional and unconventional artistic practices conjuring film/photography, graphic design, handwork, and sculpture to create compelling interactive art installations.  Mx Schultz is available for Creative Consultancy, Commissions, Portfolio Review, Classes, Private Tuition and Workshops.

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