Heide Block

I studied and spent most of my working life as a physiotherapist but I always loved doing art My  weekly classes"  coloured " my life, facilitating  creativity in all realms . Recent years have seen me live a two location lifestyle in Johannesburg ,South Africa and London. Growing up in Africa influenced my appreciation of colour and light so I tend to use saturated colours  

I love to paint figures that I see out and about and mostly paint from my own photographs.

My concurrent fascination is drawing and painting from a doodle that I have done since I was  a child- it's a reticulated pattern that has its unique rhythm and expression  a sort of emotional language - sometimes it remains as a pattern and other times figures and representation emerges. 

I have attended summer school at the Slade School of Fine Arts; several workshops at the Royal Drawing school and the Hampstead School of Art . In South Africa my teachers have included Mike Wall, Ricky Burnett, Hermann Niebuhr, Greg Kerr and Tracey Wittelson. 

My painting Shadow Crossing ( pictured) has been short listed for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2022 and at the time if writing is about to be submitted for the final round of selection.