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Freny Green

I paint flowers predominantly in oil from my studio in London, where I have been based since 2019. 


My creativity recently expanded into handwoven tableware and bags made by female artisans from rural Colombia. These skills are regional to each area of the country, passed down through generations, and often a shared practice in the local community. 


Through my platform, I am celebrating and elevating the abundance of resources and talent in a positive light.


Being half Colombian, I have a strong sense of connection to my roots and have collected artisan pieces as obsessively as a chef who feels a connection to their homeland through food. 


My work now not only helps to provide connection, joy and beauty in your home, it also helps provide positive social and economic change to rural female artisans. This is achieved by celebrating their craft, paying them fairly and working with them to bring you a beautiful touch of nature for your home.

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