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Esther Serrano

I am a landscape / Nature photographer and a painter. Experiencing Nature as a child, drew me to the spirit of the natural work. During my school years, I was interested in the history of art, geology and drawing. As a result, I am a figurative painter interested in raw materials – light and shade, pigments made of rock and minerals. My visual images and paintings are constructed with layers of light, tones and colour. I find the processes of mixing the pigments with the oils and organising the palette in preparation to paint very spiritual. Equally important is the time spent in Nature examining the qualities of the light, the direction of the wind and deciding the subject to focus on when constructing a photographic composition. Spirituality and bringing the inner vision to the surface are essential in the creative process. My images and canvases express emotions and moods. I often use monochromes to simplify compositions, enhancing emotions and moods.

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