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Elizabeth Hilliard Selka

Elizabeth Hilliard Selka is an emerging painter working in London and West Cork, Ireland. Her practice ranges technically from paintings on paper, through drawing and collage, to large installations and painted canvases; and in terms of subject matter she roams from the abstract through landscape and portraits to wild imaginings incorporating the real and the unreal in sometimes comical juxtaposition.

Elizabeth’s style is confident and bold, her use of colour passionate, her brushwork intrepid. She works fast and slow. Her themes are at core existential, often depicting the human form, sometimes her own, and buildings and flowers. But these elements which she draws from real life are transformed by her vision into explorations of the psyche, delving into experience and yearnings, and wry consideration of all she holds most dear.

Trained originally as an art historian, Elizabeth has come full circle to making her own art. In between she was author of many books on interior decoration and the decorative arts, a keen gardener and volunteer, home-maker and cook. She trained as a painter with Charlotte Molesworth in Kent, with Christine Goodale in the USA, and latterly at the Essential School of Painting in London (ESOP) whose Artistic Director is Alison Harper, artist and former tutor at the Glasgow School of Art. Her daughter is the artist Harriet Selka

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