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Debbie Morris

I’ve always loved creativity, as a child I always had a pencil in hand doodling or sketching on something.

My initial career was within the Civil Service, but after a number of years in that profession I began to feel unfulfilled and lost. The 9-5 lifestyle was not for me, I wanted some type of creativity back.

I decided that I was going to follow a desire of becoming a MUA in the film, theatre and TV Industry. I was very much fascinated with the idea of bringing a character to life using mediums such as prosthetics and greasepaints. So I left the civil service and enrolled myself on a media make-up course, once graduated I embarked on a new career.

Due to the recent events of covid and lockdown, I found myself as an ‘accidental artist’ at Wood Green Works. I was drawn more into personal art projects which I found was a therapeutic distraction from the current world affairs.

My art process is abstract, created organically using acrylic fluid methods which sometimes Includes mixed textures and text.

I take great inspiration from my thoughts at time of inception - from calm and harmonious to bold and political.

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