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Damel Carayol

Damel Carayol (@damel_theartist) is a visual artist engaged in portraiture through the media of oil and acrylic paint. His art practice seeks to deliver a better understanding of who we are as a ‘oneness, encapsulated in historical account and religious doctrine – to extract Black contributions, Black exaltations, essentially from an Afrocentric perspective’. Damel – who also goes by the Moniker ‘Damel the Artist’ – has coined the term ‘Afstract Figurative’ to describe his work;

“Figurative art is knowing to draw clearly and directly form objects in the real world, mainly of the human form, and is essentially ‘representative’. Abstract art does not seek to portray accurate depictions of visual reality - - so it is not representative. With ‘Afstract Figurative’ I wish to abstract realism from an Afrocentric perspective by drawing on materials, chapes, colours and form that does represent African truism, and so marry the two – figurative and abstract into ‘Afstract figurative’.”

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